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Earth Sciences
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Jack Parkinson

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Plate Tectonics Lithosphere- solid earth, water oceans (hydrosphere) Atmosphere- air and stuff Biosphere- all living things They interact ex. more CO2 in oceans than in atmosphere, even more in rocks Open and Closed Systems: Isolated: closed off, no relevance to anything happening outside of it Closed: few things affect it, ex. earth affected by sun Open System: direct effects; asteroid arrives and carries into space 3 Major Components of Earth Core: 2250km -solid Mantel: 2900km -liquid, slow, driven by heat from core Crust: 7-50km -we live on this, 2 types: oceanic (7km thick), mainly basaltic rocks, density of 3.3gm); and continental (30-50km) granitic rocks Seismology: measure of earthquake waves - Seismologists -some waves move along surface, others under surface -under surface waves refract off bottom -stress builds as a result of pressure (two plates moving against each other), movement not steady, but jolts 2 types of energy waves: - Primary: arrive first, move fastest, horizontal waves, side to side, slinky against a wall - Secondary: arrive second, slower, rope against a wall, vertical waves, shake waves Seismographs: heavy weight suspended on a spring, if there’s a quake, the ground moves up (block stays still), needle attached to block will leave pattern on piece of paper attached to bottom of thing. The space between the P and S waves indicates the distance the waves have travelled Earthquakes in Pacific Rim area are now entered into a tsunami warning network S waves do not pass through liquids (you can’t shake water, but you can push it) S Waves from earth
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