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October 26th Lecture (Assignment Formatting Explained)

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Earth Sciences

GLG 105 – October 26 2011th nd Midterm next Wednesday November 2 – Sample questions will be posted Just from Lecture 7 to including Monday Assignment Essay Formatting: Intro Body: 1. Pick one of the three papers – 2 paragraphs 2. Read the two short papers that talk about life on Mars and compare the two – 1 paragraph 3. Comparison – compare what you have found out about the historical controversy and the present one (about Mars). Conclusion Length: 2-3 pages double-spaced References in the APA style Due: 11:59 pm on Friday November 18 – submit electronically using the drop box on Blackboard. Title it: SimoneDeanna.doc Audience = someone else in this class Read an article written about science (in scholarly journals) by scholars in the fields. We’re not reading original papers, but papers that have been filtered by present day scholars. We’re reading the summary arguments of people arguing for and against the life on Mars. Last Class Determine the direction of magnetism in the rock by the lines – you can say how far away from the pole the rock formed 3 key observations about oceans from 1950s – earthquakes are not random - mid-ocean mountains had a huge drift - central valley (boundary btwn 2 places) - the poles move throughout time – magnetic anomalies (stripes in rocks) Expanding the Earth versus Sea-Floor Spreading 60’s – traits of “critical thinking” and characteristics of a good scientist: reasonable skepticism, being open to reconsider, trust in reason, judgement Expanding Earth – Ott Hilgenberg – 1896-1976 German, 1933 The Expanding Globe, - earth’s expansion shows it getting bigger and bigger (explains why the continents broke up) Tuzo Wilson 1908-1993 Prof at U of T, first non-American president of the AGU Paper from 1960 – argues in favor of expanding Earth Then he published a “consequences of expansion of the Earth” Wilson’s Argument: 1. Two possible causes 1. decrease of gravitational constant 2. phase changes within Earth (winter freezing, seen in our roads all cracked – water seeps in and expands when it freezes) 2. Effect: circumference increased by 1,100 miles – average rate of 0.5 mm/year 3. Consequence: only mid-ocean ridges Not complete ocean basins–have grown throughout geological time He said that the earth did not increase as much as Hilgenberg thought, but I did increase in size a little bit Map of earthquakes: the deep ones are concentrated to the same areas – the mid-ocean ridges all tend to be shallow
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