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Lecture 2

lecture 2 - rocks

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University of Toronto St. George
Earth Sciences

Geology lecture 02: origin of rocks Questions from the last lecture: What are 2 aspects of doing science? - test hypothesis something we can answer - observe, formulate, hypothesis, collect related data What was the cosmic hypothesis and why did geophysics give it up? Genetic field of the earth, for every body it produces a magnetic field because it rotates. Competing Z}ZZ]Z:,ZZZ[ZZL2ZZZ}] }KZZ}L2Z}Z }ZK] Z}]oZ: Middle ages: stones were assigned magical powers J ^}]2]L}ZoZ_LKo}}l ex: onyx (tree tears), stag tears, bezoar, draconites, bufonites University: was founded by scholars, independent of the state. Passing of knowledge J dictating from the very first book -- universities, founded by scholars, not church or state (intellectual independence) 1088 Bologna; Paris, Padua, Oxford (~1096) and Cambridge, Heidelberg 1385 Renaissance: 1450 Gutenberg & printing Printing of books made ideas circulate. Big step for science. Ideas disseminated. Images & words. books circulated among literate masses (before: rare handwritten copies) wood (later copper) engravings allowed for beautiful pictures Museums: collections of plants, animals, minerals the 3 kingdoms of nature. Collected and displZZ:K}L}Z ]L Z]K}
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