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GLG lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Earth Sciences

Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism GLG 105 lecture 4 Questions on last class: - How did Werner explain the formation of rocks? - Rocks originated by sedimenting or precipitation out of a primeval ocean. One ocean was the origin: rocks formed early in histo.y - What evidence substantiated the plutonists view? heat pushed the rocks up layers of rocks this would not form from the water it must have formed from a melt, and to have a melt you have to heat up the rock widespread granites, sediment layers were pushed up from something from below heat sedimentary rocks, disseminated by heat compare with lasagne heat has something to do with getting the lose elements together to from a rock more on Neptunists versus Plutonists Werner was initially optimistic that the same sequence of rock types would be observed everywhere on Earth, proving that a single sequence of depositional events at the very start of tK0,79K80;4O:9L43Z4:O0[5O,L3,OO the basalt controversy is basalt sedimentary or volcanic? Werners originally explained basalt as sedimentary How did he get it so wrong? Basalt - is very fine grained (interlocking cannot be observed) - forms spectacular cooling cracks (similar to mudcracks) has runny lava which forms thin sheets flows can look like sedimentary layers E.G Iceland Werner was familiar with the Scheibenberg (mountain of slices) near Freiberg. :073075489:O,909Z4NL3841-,8,O9 9K047LJL3,O80L2039,7570.L5L9,90 :3L9897,9L1L0 mountains), And (2) that which has been later altered by heating (unit 4: volcanic rocks) The heat source of the volcanism in his theory was generated by buried beds of coal on fire. Necessitated tricky explanations, because basalt is basalt...
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