Lecture 4

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East Asian Studies
Prof Falkenham

EAS345 Lecture 4 Guest Speaker Qing View of the World QiangLong to British King You oh King, .. you may secure peace and disparity Opium Wars Trade did develop between China and the West The British imported a lot of Tea British had a very hard time trading. Something that the chinese consumer would buy and that was Opium 40,000 Chest per year Silver was flowing from the opposite direction st o 1 Opium war China loses very badly. The result of this was the treaty of Nanjiang Pay the damage in Silver 100 Years of Humiliation Western countries getting a slide their political and economical pie. Sino Japanese War o Qiang was seen as the center of the universe o 1895 treaty of Taiwan to Japanese land Boxer Rebellion o They killed many many more chinese who believed in Christian o Kill the Qiang and the Foreigners Fall of the Qing (1912) o Yan Shikai o He made himself a leader of China after dealing with Rebels and in turn crushing them He was the equivalent to George Washingt onPeople did not want him to be the king but he wants to be the emperor. Short lived 1926 Chiang Kai Shek (Jiang JieShi) Northern Expedition Communists Party o Chaing Kai Shek is a nationalist www.notesolution.com
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