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Lecture 10

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Lecture 10 “The sorrow and joy cannot get inside” – Zhuangzi’s view of emotions Confucius about the emotional experience of mourning - Zai Wo proposed to shorten the time of the three-year mourning for parents as he thought during that time frame many other ritual practices will be lost. Confucius asked him would he feel at ease if doing so which Zai Wo responded that he should. Confucius thus brought up the question: “Did Yu enjoy the three years' love of his parents?" - While Zai Wo proposed rationally towards the change, Confucius’s response reveal the importance of one’s emotional sense - Mourning is an vital part of the traditional ritual, but Zai Wo thought Confucius has over emphasized on it which would reduce the practice of other rituals - However, for Confucius, human should have the sense of benevolence (love) and filial piety for their parents, thus three years of mourning is reasonable - He emphasized on the reciprocal love, which one would feel at ease only when they return with the same caring and love they received from their parents - Thus, the emotional senses reveal here are the ease that attained by paying back of relative love and caring Mengzi about emotions as “sprouts of virtue” - Mengzi claimed that human nature is good and people are born with the feeling of commiseration, feeling of shame and dislike, feeling of modesty and complaisance and feeling of what is right and wrong - Those feelings are the sprouts to attain virtue of benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom respectively - Thus emotion is part of the human essence important for one’s cultivation of virtue Zhuangzi about the nature of emotions - Zhuangzi claimed that human being can be without emotions - He believed that Dao gives human their personal appearance and powers, heaven gives the bodily form, and that’s al
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