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January 20 Lecture

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East Asian Studies
Young Yoo

EAS217 Jan. 2011 1 Republic - guaranteed basic rights and freedom - however, there were some huge human rights issues 1948 (the same year as birth of ROK): huge human rights issue, i.e. Yosu Rebellion - dictators violate human rights issue in order to maintain their power (occurs both in Eastern as well as Western societies) Constitution Yosu Rebellion (C. K. pg. 13) Human Rights Dictators NSL (National Security Law)* contrary to the policy of the government - used NSL to drag the people who were contrary to the government; anything detrimental to the government was considered violating human rights in the era of Seung-Man Rhee st - demise of 1 Republic in 1960s * Detrimental to the Republic nd 2 Republic - tried to free the people under the notion of democracy and human rights Newspaper 600 (1960) 1,600 (1961) - 600 newspapers existed in 1960 and after the 1 Republic, the numbers increased to 1,600 Park Chung Hee - he studied the Political Activists Reunification Law Political Activists Reunification Law (2,641 purged) - out of this law, he purged 2,641 politicians or anyone who were leaders of economy, religion, etc.
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