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February 3 Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Young Yoo

EAS217 Feb. 311 1392: beginning of Choson Dynasty (or Yi Dynasty) - the year that a new dynasty, known as the Choson Dynasty, was founded -from 1392 up to 1910, Korea became colonized by Japan end of Choson DynastyConfucian 1945: we were colonized by Japan; formation of U.N. Feb. 16, 1942: Kim Jong Ils birth date Between 1945 and 1948: governed by allies (U.N.) 1946: they studied Chondoist (part of indigenous religion in Korean society) religion of Heavenly Way; they formed Chondoist group and party 1946: formed North Koreans Christian Federation 1948: formation of ROK and DPRK; even before, they formed their own government, DPRK (in North Korea); when they formed DPRK, the name of the head of state was a premier 1947: began land reform the government confiscated the lands or property which belonged to religious organizations such as temples, religious schools, etc. (changes in terms of religion) 1949, December 25: they erected Kims statue in North Korea; why on this particular date (birth of Jesus)? 1950: Korea War broke out 1953: armisticetroops in war, officially; division of North and South Korea 1953: different opinions regarding Chuche ideology unique socialist ideology in North Korea of their own; some North Koreans believed Chuche started in 1930s 1953: death of Joseph Stalin 1953: beginning of Chullma Movement integrated North Korean Christian Federation
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