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Lecture 2

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East Asian Studies
Vincent Shen

II Classical Confucianismnd2 Lecture1What can we still learn from Confuciuss thought today What is according to you outofdate in Confucius thought2When did Confucius live What was the title of the book attributed to him Who started to call his school rujiaRu SchoolaHe lived from 551479 BCbLunyu The Analects was attributed to himcompiled conversations of Confucius with his disciples and visitors And recorded by his disciples and followerscRujia was first used by the Grand Historian Sima Qian in 100BC3According to Wingtsit Chan in what sense did Confucius has determined humanism as the outstanding characteristic of Chinese PhilosophySB p15aJudging on the basis of The Analects alone he believed that man can make the Way Tao great and not that the Way can make man greathe concentrated on manbHis primary concern was a good society based on good government and harmonious human relationscAdvocated a good government that rules by virtue and moral example rather than by punishment or force4According to Wingtsit Chan what are the five basic concepts of humanistic philosophy of ConfuciusSB p15aThe rectification of names insisting that not just the social order in which names and ranks are properly regulated but also the correspondence of ones own words and actionsbthe Mean having a central and balanced mindcthe Way 3dHeaven Supreme Power was called the Ti but Confucius never spoke of Ti and instead often spoke of Tien heaven Heaven is no longer the greatest of all spiritual beings who rul
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