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East Asian Studies
Dylan Clark

Term papers  Kendall (no other texts)  3 areas o Reciprocity + gender  Makes relationships o Ritual + gender o Performativity +gender Kendall th Korea in the 20 century  1950-1953 Korean War  industrializatiaon Koreans processing change through weddings (microcosm where people think of themselves as gendered beings) Wedding fixes identity, gender, community, kinship relationships  Gender is not all fluidity: moment we declare what men/ husbands/ wives are  In a time of change, rituals create fixed meaning (these are kinship relationships), the moment that locks it down Tradition during a time of change  Tradition always remembered and negotiated, always invented and interpreted  Countryside as space that retains tradition  City as space of modernity  Kendall: what is authentically Korean?  City & country are going through change & tradition, both equally real (Confucian) Ritual  Pg 50, 51, 57  Ritual as intense site of meaning where culture is produced and performed  Heightened, significant moment—listen more, say things louder  Platform for pronunciation of ―truths‖ (selves, gender, class, kinship, ethics, society, etc) o Homologies carefully tuned up  Sites of cthtestation  Korea 20 century trying to figure it out (at a wedding) o Making a sense of change & tradition o Weddings key sites to fix, to know, to be  Rituals of transformation o Change from girl to woman o Convincing transformation  Gender Heterosexual discourse  Come to fruition  Korean man depend on woman, woman depend on man for completion as an adult  Woman in doubt, requires this more for her personhood than he does  Transformation of gender Language  Not just descriptive  Gives meaning to the world, produces the world o Power to name, power to define  Produces the reality it claims to describe  Language enhanced in ritual  What is oath? – ―I swear‖ o Language producing the reality it attempts to describe o Transformations of space, time, person in ritual, it only works if you follow the ritual procedure o These procedures have to be recognizable (emphasis on food, gathering, arrangement, clothes) Kendall introduction  Just one wedding w/ one family  Korea is diverse & complex  Women more likely to wear traditional Korean outfit (icon of national tradition)
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