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East Asian Studies
Lin Fang

Poetry 10/24/2013 9:12:00 AM  Tale of Genji  Behavior of emperor who loved one more than others  Refers to Xuanzong (713-756)  Bai Juyi (772-846)  Most famous Chinese poet in Japan  “Song of Everlasting regret”= about incident of Emperor Xuanzong  known for being easy to understand, wrote in a variety of styles  Li Bai (701-762) “Drinking Alone by Moonlight”  Maker of Things= vague cosmic force….  Writing about the joy of wine  Du Fu (712-777) “ The journey North= course reader, autumn meditations= textbook= Confucian poet  Han Yu (768-824) „ Memorial on the Buddha bone”  Su Shi (Song dynasty) “ First Prose poem on the red cliff”  Only have a tiny fraction of what was actually written by Tang poets  Song= printed books, Tang= written by hand  Why is poetry so special?  Writing= “Immortality”  Impractical answer= poetry and writing is a means that writers that they could achieve immortality aka being remembered after they die  Poetry 1000-600 BC existed already  Book of songs: o 305 poems o Earliest surviving Chinese poetry o Ritual hymns, folk songs, love songs o Supposedly edited by Confucius o Became a source of moral conduct  State that is spontaneous and manifests itself in poetry  Poets conscious that their writing would surpass them  Had extensive libraries for both religious and non religious texts in monasteries= places of learning  Put poems in libraries  Su Shi= prose poem o Discussion of mortality and human existence o What do we do about human existence that has limits and is very brief? o Literary skill is favored in civil service examinations o Sui dynasty started new system of giving examinations on a set subject and anyone could take it. Tang dynasty took this i
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