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Lecture 3

EAS105H1 Lecture 3: Rethinking Qing History

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East Asian Studies
Andre Schmid

EAS105 – Jan 21, 2015 Lecture and tutorial Rethinking Qing History • 1616-1644 = Rise of the Manchus Dynasty / Qing Dynasty • Qing Dynasty o At best, only 2% of the total Qing population was Manchus – how did they maintain power for 267 years o Forced the men to wear the cue ▪ Shaved forehead in Manchus style to declare loyalty to the dynasty or get killed o Takes more than 40 years for them to put down all Ming loyalist o Ming royal family escaped and try to come back to overthrow the Ming • Two interpretations • In the Textbook from 1973 o Barbarians, Manchus and Chinese ▪ Learn Chinese ways for conquest ▪ Manchus rulers stayed in power by becoming as Chinese as their subjects • They became Chinese ▪ The Qing = “the creation of a Sinicized state” pg. 213 • Our Textbook o Not just about becoming Chinese o Emphasizes Manchus elites o King doubled in size the territorial of the Ming dynasty o Earlier books talked about culture, this one talks about lands, new realms o This interpretation compares the Qing to the British empire o “Qing empire could not accurately be called “China” pg. 76 ▪ The state is entering the Islamic parts of central Asia, Tibetan parts ▪ For that reason he’s saying that it’s not called China o More going on in the Ming period • Version #1: The Qing as a Sinicized Dynasty o Culmination of Chinese history o Cultural, literary project o Kangxi, the scholar in the study ▪ Man of virtue who receives Mandate of heaven to rule ▪ You have to act and perform as a moral ruler in the style prescribed in the classics or you don’t deserve mandate of heaven and criticized by officials o Reproduction of many of institutions and conventions of the Ming dynasty • Force Koreans to display their loyalty to them o First Koreans agreed but they’re not happy with them coming in o 1637, they’re invaded a second time and capture the Korean king ▪ Show they are the central power, and the mandate of heaven ▪ To show that Koreans recognized they have the mandate of heaven • Become sine sized o Able to rule up until 1911 • Kangxi Dictionary (710-16) • 47, 035 characters • All of the extent Chinese characters • Complete Library of the Four Treasure (1773-1782) o Collection of all writings in Chinese • Version #2: Manchus multiethnic empire? • Maintain own culture and customs • Follo
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