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Decline in Japan

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East Asian Studies
Andre Schmid

Lecture 3 Tokagawa Ieyasu - reunified Japan there is peace in Japan, lack of conflict - First ruler of the edo period - After 1600, there is settlement and allow the changes for what Hanely speaks of How did he conquer people ? - Daiymo would pledge loyalty to him, was allowed to maintain certain territories under there control (was trusted in many ways) - Was de-centralized and feudal - Tokawaga choose Edo (a fishing village) to be the centre of power - Daimyo had to travel to Tokyo and had to live in the same castle for certain period of times - Had to pay large taxes to the Tokagawa family - Build Castle, were elaborate so that the money went into taxes, which stop the building of military Trade - Portuguese were not allowed (because of the issue of missionaries) only Chinese, Korean and Dutch were allowed to travel What happened to the Samurai ? - Began to lose their financial growth, they began to move to different work (go to bureaucratic work), have the same , some lost all economic growth and turned to farming, they head to the city (great equalizer:
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