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Tutorial Evaluation Criteria

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Yujeong Choi

1 The Korean language courses use scoring of daily performance as their key means of evaluating student achievement. In every tutorial hour for which preparation to perform is assigned, you will be evaluated with a score ranging from 0 to 4, according to the following principles. Performance is fully culturally coherent, that is, would present no difficulty, discomfort, or 4.0 puzzlement in interaction with a native speaker. Repair (restating or correcting yourself, requesting clarification, etc.) is self-managed. Performance is superior, for the most part culturally coherent. There is little about it to create difficulties, discomfort, or puzzlement in interaction with a native. However, there is some 3.5 aspect of the performance to make interaction less than maximally coherent for a native. Most repair is self-managed. Performance is good: few aspects of it create difficulties, discomfort, or puzzlement in 3.0 communicating with a native. Self-managed repair alone, however, is not sufficient; you also require occasional repair/correction from another (= inst
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