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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Eric Cazdyn

Quiz - between 4-7 questions - what does periodization mean? - what is one way of organizing history of karatani? - What is the problem of origins of hu... - when does cumings place the origin of korean war? - 1 or 2 sentences - 15min to complete the quiz - might be questions on films Lecture 4 - everyday life (harootunian p.62) "modernity is specific form and... consciousness of historical term" - dealing with how to think about what modernity is. - periodizing, beginning of ... - new tech, new mode of economic production, new family structure (wider extended family?) different family form, transformation, transportation, diff lived experiences-> negotiation between concrete and abstract - ? lived historical time: way that individual (take walk and subway) change the idea of time, dealing with society - film? too much emphasis on similarity, extremely suspicious on difference - history to time: - psychological experience of time is different that actual time, different form of time - shapes who we are. - different type of time is hard to access: in big sport event, there is no single moment of silence because there is always dance, noise etc. - hard to rethink about origin in korean war - transnational political, they don’t have the same commitment - dominant narrative wang argues that history doesn’t work in the way that something - agricultural reform - globalization vs anti-globalization - historical narrative of globalization becomes stronger, by working through modernized Chinese - when you stop imagining alternative, control of time is important to control people, new relationship to time - exercise to mind, frame alternatives, different forms of time - emptiness or nothingness is flash of something else, space in between in everyday life always colonized, covered up - how do you write, speak about time? When you think about time with modern.... clock times become dominant and overpowered. It would be hard to organize people - experience of not just being in the film, disconnection, alienation, “representation of alienation!” appreciation for everyday life, experience of you watching the film Film 1) what time is it there? - Why does woman like the watch on his hand? “dual time” - every shot is explained by next shot, absolute opening in which anything can happen, but in order to happen, you have to be open - it’s all about the plot, big events in history, when
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