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EAS209H1F Lecture Notes for Nov. 23, 2010

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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Eric Cazdyn

EAS209 2010-11-23 Introduction J 4 essays [Eastern Sentiment] o Geography Space Yi Tae Jun: author of Essays N Popular writer, editor, novelist during the colonial period N Wrote a lot about his personal life o Characters similar to Yi Tae Jun himself o Essays J personal Map of Seoul, around 1940 N City of Seoul J Han river in the South N Majority of the city located north of the river N Wavy outside line J represents the city boundaries o Redrawn in 1934 from previous boundaries o Inner black line J city walls In Korea, traditionally, cities = walled cities City walls = periphery of the city N Gates J North, South, East, West o City boundary almost doubled 1930~40s J Seoul was expanding dramatically N Population, business N Peri-urb J refers to the surroundings of the city (periphery, neither city nor country-side) o Hon-machi () urb Variety of clothings: Japanese, Traditional Korea, Western, Military, etc. Colonial capital o Hanyangsung city wall (#) o Boundary space of the peri-urb Within Seoul metropolitan boundaries, but }ZL[o}}l metropolitan Just outside the city walls o After 1934 when city walls were redrawn, value of lands within city walls increased Aerial photo of new buildings J new hanok N Patterns of regularity Yi Tae Jun New middle class, benefited a lot from the colonial activity N Rebuilt the house J classic restoration N Modern economy, modern city N Why someone, who belongs to modern economy and cities, write essays like these?
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