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Lecture Notes for Oct 26, 2010

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East Asian Studies
Eric Cazdyn

EAS209 2010-10-26 Today last section on geography R 3-9}: L[ZK] ,}Z Next topic Problem of human subjectivity o Human subjectivity is never far away from time and space o -}^Z}KM_ o 7Z]ZZ]ZZ ooZZKL]L2[M o To what extent is myself exceed what I understand as my body o JZ }LZ]ZLZ[M o JZZLZ}ZZ[ZLZ]] ]oo]KZM @LZ}K]}L}Z[ just like how the concept of Orient changes over time Hong Kong o Visible space remains the same o But in 1997, radical change Exam focus more on the last part of the class (problem of human subjectivity) Essay J argue for a connection Last Week o Surveillance and control is being built into the architecture of the institutions o Shaping the way one exists in space, and how one imagines o Fujitani Visuality Emperor System N [ZL}}LoZZK}o}}l]L2}L7}o}}l]L2 at the emperor N New modern subjects looking at the emperor making the meaning of the emperor o Centralizing function in Meiji Anecdote J world famous opera singer, being interviewed by a young journalist in the afternoon before the evening performance Z]}L9^}Z2Z }o]]L2}]L2JZL opera, and I know you performed it over 100s of timZ7][Z2 by the final act, all the Z}2Z]Z]L2]ZZ:JZL}[ ]L2]LZ]Z 7Z]L2Z}K ZZ}J feel as if you yourself have Z Z Z ;ZLZL7}[Z}:,}}}ZZ]oo to produce so m ZZ}7ZL}lL}][Z2}]L2}end in tragedy? o ,]ZLZ9^ Z]LZ]Z 7}L[lL}Z[Z2}]L2}ZL]LZZ] _ 2L]Lo}L[lL}Z[Z2}]L2}ZL~]LZL]L27Z[Z]]L the opera, and the performance gets cancelled) Limitations and possibility of action of what one can do is inescapably shaped by a space
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