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East Asian Studies
Janet Poole

• MeadaAi- why is space so important? • Space is a way to understand history • Not just an asethic form or concept • Space material embodiment • How material space is used and how it guided people’s behaviour • What people do in space they are always talking about subjects- how space guide’s subject’s behaviour (guides subjectivity, produces historical forms of subjectivity) • Subjectivity material • Protagonist • Subjectivity emerged within a particularly bodily experience of space • Materiality to subjectivity and the body and to space • How modernity affects space and subjectivity • Maeda- modernity didn’t wipe out other times- co exist, but meaning changes • Time of modernity characterised by the modern nation state- dominant structure through which modern experience is ruled • Undermine/ critique that- need a new spatial location (cities normally in nation states) • Nation state and invidual subject • Other ways that subjectivity is experienced • Marginalised areas of the city- areas that do not directly reflect the modernizing nation state • Shifting nation to cit, avoid the simplification of East and West • Brings together space and subjectivity in terms of modernity • Dominant subjectivities change • Fav madea essay Rise of the nuclear family, break down of multi generational family Marginalization of localities How this material space could reveal subjectivity of this generation of males marked by horizontal relations Dancing girl and maedi ai Dancing girl- 1890 late 19 cen moment (migration to city, family relations breaking down and reconfigured in new ways) Really quite similar to stories from korea in the age of high spd development- muji, Record of a journey to mujin- same sense of shame Shame is once again, driven by his behaviour towards women Leave her pregnant and insane and just run away Confessional form Pertains very much to this confession of what he calls his real self Recalls his first 3 years in berlin 3 years past in this way as a dream ‘true nature reveals itself’ No real awareness of myself- but at the age of 25…… real self Terms of awakening- is a threat to his former assumed self Subjectivity emerges accepting some kind of affirmation (see recording) But also inspire some sense of freedom Law- statues of the modern nation state, or do I feel this kind of deep, dormant self that is hidden away and not comfortable with it These 2 always come into conflict with each other Emerge as real conflict and sometimes find some kind of compromise Hr is a nati
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