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University of Toronto St. George
East Asian Studies
Thomas Keirstead

EAS245H Lecture 1 SEPT12/2012 Before “Japan” I. Problems in pre-modern Japan - Names in Japanese  Last Name (Family name), Give Name  For pre-modern names, given name is used (i.e. for Minamoto Yoritomo, he’s referred to as Yoritomo)  Sometimes names change throughout the person’s life (i.e. coming-of-age, retiring, obtaining a spiritual life, becoming someone of power, or after death, etc.)  Part of one’s name is passed on in order to designate a line of descent (i.e. Yoshitomo  Yoritomo) - Periodization/Era  Nara > Heian > Kamakura > Nanbokuchou > Muromachi > Warring States (Sengoku) > Reunification  Periods named after the places of power/rule – where the government was located  Capital cities would often change as the center of power move  Kamakura: place where the 1 shogunate was established  Muromachi: district in Kyoto  Western & Japanese categories are used predominantly for periodization - “Japan”  Problematic pre-1600 because for the vast majority of people outside bureaucratic circles, “Japan” meant nothing; didn’t see themselves as part of a nation; doesn’t recognize a unified polity  Boundaries of the country was different  ~ 1000/1100 that the political authority in Heian extends over the range of the main island – extends slowly north and east, rapidly in the south and west  Hokkaido not part of pre-modern Japanese history  Residents did not see themselves as Japanese in any way, shape, or form  Japan is geographically different from now - “Pre-modern”  Period before western influence since modernization in the east = westernization  More indigenous; outdated; disunified nation state  Temporally before modernity  “pre-modern” a somewhat neutral te
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