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Lecture 8

EAS396H1 Lecture 8: EAS396 Lecture 8

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East Asian Studies
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Wen- Ching Sung

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EAS396 Lecture 8 Pop-up quiz is based on the previous weeks/lectures Readings for Quiz: • One Child Policy: “Missile Science, Population Science: The Origins of China’s One Child Policy” – Susan Greenhalgh – for next week • Dam: “The Three Gorges Dam and China’s Energy Dilemma, “ – Qing Dai and Lawrence R. Sullivan • Food Safety: “Food Safety and Social Risk in Contemporary China” – Yunxiang Yan Key Terms • Internet and self: Guobin Yang’s “Contention in Cyberspace” • Psycho-boom: Li Zhang’s “Bentuhua: Culturing Psychotheraphy in Postsocialist China” • one-child policy • biopower • Song Jian, Club of Rome, cybernetics • balancers vs. builders • eugenics • population quality, creativity One-Child Policy • Mao created medical reforms, which were so successful • Chinese population from Han to Yuan was study, and increased from Qing –Mao o one positive legacy of Mao’s regime • Two sides of economic reforms o economic production: privatization and marketization o biological reproduction: birth planning ▪ family planning • Reproductive politics o individual and collective level impact o individual = biological reproduction, individual, reproduction o collective = social/cultural reproduction, reproduction of group, production • Personal reproduction is the nation’s reproduction Bio-Power • How does the modern state exercise its power? • Bio-power explains political inference • to control/manage its population • Michel Foucault’s concept of biopower • Concept means power over other bodies • Family planning = government power over the Chinese population • modern state regulate its subjects through diverse techniques for achieving the subjugation of bodies and the control of populations o e.g., abortion, immigration policy, one child policy, LGBT • use of statistics, survey, public health programs etc. (mediated by knowledge and technologies) • Birth planning in post-Mao era o Birth planning aims to facilitate economic development and promote “4 modernizations” through population control ▪ want to reduce the growth of population but increase quality of population o decrease quantity, increase quality o it does not aim to emancipate women from burdens of high quality • Multiple stages of birth planning o in 1970s: mainly relying on propaganda and educational meetings o 3 point program: later marriage, longer child spacing and fewer offsprings (wanxishao policy) One child-policy • implanted 1978-1980s and phased out in 2015 • married couples can only have 1 child • exceptions: rural couples, ethnic minorities, certain occupations like miners, parents without siblings themselves • lowest fertility rate: T
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