Lecture 4

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Published on 25 Jun 2011
East Asian Studies
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EAS345 Lecture 4
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Qing View of the World
QiangLong to British King
You oh King, .. you may secure peace and disparity
Opium Wars
Trade did develop between China and the West
The British imported a lot of Tea
British had a very hard time trading. Something that the chinese
consumer would buy and that was Opium
40,000 Chest per year
Silver was flowing from the opposite direction
o1st Opium war China loses very badly.
The result of this was the treaty of Nanjiang
Pay the damage in Silver
100 Years of Humiliation Western countries getting a
slide their political and economical pie.
Sino Japanese War
oQiang was seen as the center of the universe
o1895 treaty of Taiwan to Japanese land
Boxer Rebellion
oThey killed many many more chinese who believed in Christian
oKill the Qiang and the Foreigners
Fall of the Qing (1912)
oYan Shikai
oHe made himself a leader of China after dealing with Rebels and
in turn crushing them
He was the equivalent to George Washington People
did not want him to be the king but he wants to be the
emperor. Short lived
1926 Chiang Kai Shek
(Jiang JieShi) Northern Expedition
Communists Party
oChaing Kai Shek is a nationalist
oNationalist chased the Communists force
Japanese Imperialism
oAfter 1904 in 1931 used the fake bomb attack
o1937 it is still not clear who clear who fired first
oNanjiang dai doe sat
oJapanese Solder raping chinese women
oThe interesting question is what would world have ben like if the
US didnt join the party
oChinese Communist party 1949 The PRC Established
oChina has stood up
Lesson of the past
China needs to be strong in order for China to not be
buillied or taken advantage by other countries
United China Fought Japanese
Unfinished business of this era
Chang Kai Shek fleet to Taiwan
Chinese Foreign Policy
oSino-Soviet Rift
Reform and Opening
Deng Xiaoping
6-4 Tiananmen Square
oGrowing Protest on various Political Reform
oHundreds to Thousands of people Died
oPRC People were going to visit China so that is why it was on
oChina cracked down feeling of liberalism have won
Chinese Solution
China joined WTO 2001
oPRC today Blind man touching the Elephant wherever you
touch it feels different everywhere
Part 2
Power Transition Theory
Neo Liberal Institutionalists
oIt is a very good thing that the GDP is high because China has
much to gain from continuing to support the current order, and
much to lose from opposing it. John Ikenberry
Why would you challenge it? Why would you kill the goose
that lies the silver eggs?
China will not move, as the power theory suggest, that it
will not take over
Sources of dissatisfaction
oTerritory problems they think these land are theirs but others
beg to differ
Taiwan and China
Japan and Chinese
oConstructivist Approaches
Chinas Rise depends on how it is socialized?
Metaphor if you have a mother of child and she was
always beat then they will always be beated
oA Iain Johnston Social States
Chinese space program this is what you do when
you have great power and this is what they are
Chinese peacekeeping Haiti there are more
peacekeepers from china then there are from
Chinese soft power strategies
oChina has looked out to what Japan and US
have done.
oAnecdote Kung Fu Panda Notion you
want to be get out there just like other
Social influence
Land Mines
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Anti-proliferation efforts
oTheir efforts have increased
Argument against
1860 how do you survive in the international
platform. To be strong you need to be colonizing
how is the US socializing China?
oDo what I say? Not what I do?
oQuantamamo Bay It is still opened after
promise to shut down
oSecond Image Factors

Document Summary

You oh king, you may secure peace and disparity .  trade did develop between china and the west.  the british imported a lot of tea.  british  had a very hard time trading. Something that the chinese consumer would buy and that was opium.  silver was flowing from the opposite direction: 1st opium war china loses very badly.  the result of this was the treaty of nanjiang.  100 years of humiliation western countries getting a slide their political and economical pie.  sino japanese war: qiang was seen as the center of the universe, 1895  treaty of taiwan to japanese land.  boxer rebellion: they killed many many more chinese who believed in christian, kill the qiang and the foreigners.  fall of the qing (1912: yan shikai, he made himself a leader of china after dealing with rebels and in turn crushing them.