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EAS100Y1 Lecture Notes - Tianxia, Greater China, Papaver Somniferum

East Asian Studies
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Prof Falkenham

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EAS 345
Lecture 1 The rise of Greater China: Definitions and Perspectives
1.)Essay type questions for exams
2.)2 Historical Value in Chinas Timeline
a.Dang Shau Pin
3.)Course Outline Intense
a.Separate Culture That is his specialty
b.Argument in the middle of the 19th century West Faillian
c.Tian Xia (anciently speaking)
d.Right now it is known modern state of nation. This is how
they call it now
e.Chinese is marketing their world as tian xia as a harmonic
world. Don’’t worry were not going to rule the world
f. Hedgime BA - they do not need to be a BA
i.Yellow Empire -
ii.MIT scholar Chinese Nationalism Book
iii.Henrietta Harrison Discuss culture and history. He will
tell us what he wants us to take out of this book.
Nationalism. Define Nationalism Benedict Anderson
Star in
iv. Inventing of China? Read the Harrison Understand
the nation value.
g. Chairman Mao
i.Revolution socialism
1.Only socialism can save China
2.Only china can save capitalism
3.Hong Kong and Macau Republic of China. Don
Shau Pins open door policy.
4.1970 party by choice. China was closed to her
outside world.
h.Buy a Car in Hong Kong do not buy a convertible.
i.Professor studied China from Hong Kong.
j.Da zhong hua
k. Is it right to call it the greater china?
Japanese Relation
Asian prorifury
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