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Lecture Note for Nov. 4, 2010

East Asian Studies
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Young Yoo

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EAS217 2010-11-04
OISE t OI 2211
Roh Moo Hyun; Participatory government; High school graduate; Human Rights Lawyer (1980s~); DJ Kim
*Parochialism;*overcome regionalism; generation 2030 vs. gerontocracy; 386 generation (3 t age, 8 t
education, 6 t }vV^W}-}]o]ov]vP_V,vZ}vPǵvA<}v&]}v}(Zhv]À]Ç
^µv_VW}(X^}vPdµ-yul CasV^]}o}PÇ_V^(}uP}µ_ZÇ}]
- Z}Z[P}ÀvuvA]]}ÇP}Àvuv
o /vÀ]ÀÇ]]Ìv}]]]vZ]P}Àv[
- Roh Moo Hyun
o a high school graduate Æ against the political tradition (elites in leadership) Æ
changing society
o Later became a Human Rights Lawyer (1980s~)
Sympathetic to labours
1980s Æ fighting against authoritarian regime
o Continued what DJ Kim established in terms of Northern policy t Sunshine Policy
o Strong advocate of Anti-Americanism
Conflicts with American government
Kowtow Æ Chinese way of showing respect/ submission to seniors
x Kneeling and bowing down
o Z}Z[]o]u
Radical particularly against American relationship
o Ideological leftist
In Korea, ideological leftist = Pro-North Korea
Red ideology
x Red () = colour of Communists
o Establishes a New trend/ culture of election
Traditionally, political money = comes from chaebul
Roh Æ Piggy banks election fund
x Support from general public
x Small money, but reached to the people (esp. to the young)
Netizen Support
o Netizen = younger generation
x ^E}u}_= àÔCv Ì »_
o Tried to overcome parochialism = regionalism, school connections
o Generation division
generation 2030 (youth supported Roh) vs. gerontocracy
386 Generation supported Roh
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o Are in their 30[s (age)
o Were educated in the 1980s
o Were born in 1960s
x Many people criticized 386 as being pro-socialist
x 386 generation Æ did not reform the society; called as hypocrties
x 1980s
x Korean Federation of the University Students
¾ Roh[s government
o ^I will open a era, in which people are the President_
o Participatory govn[t Æ embrace public input in state affairs
¾ Roh Moo Hyun
o Born in Kyungsang Province
Park Chung Hee, Chun Doo Hwan, Roh Tae Woo, Kim Young Sam
o Graduated from Pusan Commercial High School
Traditionally, ZCommercial high school[ Æ implies poor family background
o After being discharged from the army, self-studied hard to pass the National Bar
Examination, and served as a judge at Daejeon, and later began his carrier as Human
Rights Lawyer
o In 1987, was arrested in connection with illegal strikes of Daewoo, and his attorney
license was suspended
o In 1988, was elected as a National Assembly man from Pusan District
o In 1989, served as a member of a special committee investing political corruptions
during the 5th Republic
5th Republic = Chun Doo Hwan
For political corruption and Kwangju Massacre, etc.
Gained popularity during questioning period(×c)
o Political connection with DJ Kim began around this time
Under Kim DJ, became a minister for marine affairs
o In 2002, was nominated as a presidential candidate for Millennium Democratic Party,
was elected as the 16th President (2003~2008)
x Received 48.31% of votes
x His opponent (Lee Hwe Chang) t 46.59%
o Lee[s view
preserve strong ties with Washington
Cut off Aid to North Korea
Viewed Kim DJ[s Sunshine policy as a failure
Country was divided
Voting rate t 70% = Lowest rate of participation
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