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Lecture Notes for Oct. 7, 2010

East Asian Studies
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Young Yoo

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Yun Po-son; Second Republic; Park Chung Hee; Okamoto Minoru; Chon Doo Hwan; Roh Tae Woo;
General John Hodge; Korean English Academy; Kim Jong Pil; May 16, 1961; Supreme Council for National
Reconstruction; Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Yushin Constitution t Revitalizing Reform; National
Kim Jae Kyu (Oct. 26, 1979); Chon Doo Hwan; UNCURK = the UN Commission for the Unification and
Rehabilitation of Korea; UNKRA = The UN Korean Reconstruction Agency; The Law for Dealing with Illicit
Wealth Accumulation (1961); Economic Development Prior to the Unification; Vietnam War (mercenary);
Normalization Treaty with Japan (1965); Forward-looking strategy; Outward looking Strategy; The
Miracle of Han River; Heavy and Chemical Industry Development Plan; New Community Movement;
Hyundai/Mitsubishi; Chaebul Economy
EAS217 2010-10-07
- First Republic t military and police = political maid
- April Uprising t brought bright prospect of democracy in Korea
o Student brought down the dictatorial government
- Korean War t out of war, Korean society faced with some different culture compared to existing
culture (Confucian based) Æ began to change a little bit (influenced from American culture)
o GI culture
Westernized culture
Women-men relationship
- Image of Korea changed from time of Seoul Olympics, 1988 Æ hv]oZvU<}[]uPÁ
those of during the war times
- ZZ[]Pv]}vÆ Interim Government
- In July 1960, there was an election. The National Assembly elected Yun Po-Sun as the President
Î formed the Second Republic (the First Republic: Rhee Seung Man)
o Graduate from Edinborough University (UK)
- 10 weeks after the establishment of the 2nd Republic, there was a military coup initiated by Park
Jung Hee. (For 2 years, created a military junta t organization established by military elites)
- Park Jung Hee era
o Military Totalitarianism for 30 years
- Rhee Seung Man
o was born in modern day North Korea and moved to Seoul as a child
o Was educated Confucian way
o Attended Missionary school founded by an American Methodist
Modern Westernized Education
o In 1904, went to the States (George Washington State Univ. Harvard Univ. Princeton
During his studies at Princeton, Woodrow Wilson was a professor in his faculty
Lots of connection
o Independent Movement against Japanese colonization in Hawaii
o In 1919, there was a huge independent movement in Korea

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After 1919, Korean Independent movement leaders abroad met in Shanghai,
and formed an exile government. Æ elected Rhee as a President of the exile
o ZZÁ}}}lZ:v/v]Kµ[(}:v[Wo,}µl
In his book, warned US that US will be attacked by Japan Æ had an insight
o /víõòì[µvµ]]vPUÁ(}}esign and moved to Hawaii
o Was a strong anti-communist
o If he had not established the First Republic in S.K., the communist would have invaded
the South.
- Okamoto Minoru
o Under Japanese colonialism, the policy of Japanisation Æ forced Korean people to
change their names into Japanese.
o Klu}}D]v}µÁWlZµvP,[:v]Ìvu
- General John Hodge
o Korean English Academy t more like a military school
- }µ[}µ]vDÇíòUíõòí
- Supreme Council for National Reconstruction ò|¢¢bUcÆ initialized by Park Chung Hee
- Yushin Constitution
o Yushin t literary means revitalization/ revitalizing form
- Korean Style democracy Æ modified to oppress the people
- Korean Style Socialism ïÌØ Æ North Korea is a socialist country, but not the same kind of
socialism in China, Cuba or USSR
- Park (in power for 18 years) was assassinated by Kim Jae Kyu
- Chon Doo Hwan (military origin) succeeded Park
- UNCURK t UN aid for Korea
o Rice, sewing machine, etc.
- During 1960s, Korea was depended on American Aid
- Cho introduced a Law (U½µ¢) t The Law for Dealing with Illicit Wealth Accumulation (1961)
o Taking back the illicitly accumulated wealth Æ dictatorship
- A great number of Chaebul were formed during Rhee[s government
- Park put unification behind economy
- In 1960s, there were two things that helped Park as well as the Korean economy
o Vietnam War
o Normalization Treaty with Japan(1965)
- Park Chung Hee and his political life
o Yun Po Sun established the 2nd republic
Yun[s government t short (10 months) Æ overthrown by military revolution
headed by Park Chung Hee
o Park held power for 18 years
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