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January 13 Lecture

East Asian Studies
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Young Yoo

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Jan. 13/11
Traditional value system does NOT= Industrialization
Age : - Confucian Concept
- *respect elderly
Gender: - woman- inner
- man outer
- boys and girls (age of 7)
New generation
386 generation
- International war against drug (1988)
1936 Berlin Olympics
1948 London Olympics
First Korean flag
IOC member
1988 Seoul Olympics
2002 World Cup

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Industrialization and Urbanization
- affected Korean community life in a significant way uprooted Confucian tradition and
agrarian society
- what made the people to depart from the traditional society?
1. Rapid economic growth transformed the Korean society from a predominantly
homogenous into urbanized and industrialized society
2. Emphasis on education
3. Labour activism and student challenge against authoriatariasm; even people in
countryside challenged the authoritarians
- 1970s: when they got the money from the Middle East and Vietnam, Korean society
somehow had surplus of revenue
- in order to make balance, the city and country life, with Park Chung-Hee, started a
movement called New Community Movement () in 1971 reduced economic and
social gap between city and country
- in contemporary terms, our social value is quite different from the traditional society
- during the poor period (before Park Jung-Hee), people dont care much about doing their
job; what job was available was out there, they took it
- but in 1970s and 80s people began to change their ways of thinking
3D jobs (the 3 jobs that people do not want to take):
1. Dirty jobs (i.e. working in cafeterias)
2. Difficult jobs
3. Dangerous jobs
- in modern day, these 3 jobs would be taken over by people coming from other countries
- Confucian Concept
- respect elderly people in traditional society
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