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13 Feb 2011
Feb. 3/11
1392: beginning of Choson Dynasty (or Yi Dynasty)
- the year that a new dynasty, known as the Choson Dynasty, was founded
-from 1392 up to 1910, Korea became colonized by Japan end of Choson
1945: we were colonized by Japan; formation of U.N.
Feb. 16, 1942: Kim Jong Ils birth date
Between 1945 and 1948: governed by allies (U.N.)
1946: they studied Chondoist (part of indigenous religion in Korean society) 
religion of Heavenly Way; they formed Chondoist group and party
1946: formed North Koreans Christian Federation
1948: formation of ROK and DPRK; even before, they formed their own government,
DPRK (in North Korea); when they formed DPRK, the name of the head of state was
a premier
1947: began land reform the government confiscated the lands or property which
belonged to religious organizations such as temples, religious schools, etc. (changes
in terms of religion)
1949, December 25: they erected Kims statue in North Korea; why on this particular
date (birth of Jesus)?
1950: Korea War broke out
1953: armistice/troops in war, officially; division of North and South Korea
1953: different opinions regarding Chuche ideology unique socialist ideology in
North Korea of their own; some North Koreans believed Chuche started in 1930s
1953: death of Joseph Stalin
1953: beginning of Chullma Movement integrated North Korean Christian
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1959: disband Christian Federation (cf. 1946)
1965: disband Buddhist federation to carry on their socialist ideology (Communism)
1972: changes occurred in North Korea politically and religiously
1972: dialogue began between North and South Korean governments; North Koreans
established a Buddhist federation (brought it back); the type of Buddhist monk in
North Korea was called Taechusung (distinct from Chinese monks, etc). grew hair
and married; being the Buddhist monk was pretty similar to having a job and got off
work at a certain time in which they returned home to their family
1972: Kims statue was re-erected (bigger one); gave the title to Kim Il Sung:
President (before he was a Premier); North Korea enacted a law, rearing education
of children; since 1976, the government was committed to taking care of children
while the moms attended to their work by sending their kids to the nurseries, and
after to kindergartens (the government was responsible for growing and educating
children in North Korea); it also means that parents have nothing to do with feeding
and educating their own kids
1988: Glion Conference (Swiss); Seoul Olympics brought changes in North Korea 
began to open their society to the world (they were jealous because the world was
paying attention to South Korea, thus they tried to draw attention from the
international community); erected Bongsu Church (Protestant church) and also
Roman Catholic Cathedral known as Changchung Cathedral; Arirang
1989: Chilgol church (Protestant church) Chilgol is the name of a place in North
Korea in Pyongyang; it is the place where Kim Il Sungs mother was born; so in
memory of Kims mother, they built a Protestant church because he was a member of
the Protestant church when his mom was alive
1992: Constitution revised (first constitution in 1948: DPRK) in North Korea
1994: death of Kim Il Sung (dramatic change after his death)
**1997: North Koreans do not have a religion to our standard; in North Korea, there
is some type of their own religion which worships Kim Il Sung (Kim Il Sung is
everlasting and never dies = ); one of the biggest festivals in North Korea is
called Sun Day () the day of Kim Il Sungs birth (April 15, 1912); Koreans
celebrated the birth of Jesus (December 25) and Sakamuni (April 5); extra ration is
received for North Koreans on this important day, Sun Day; since 1997, they adopted
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Document Summary

Feb. 3/11: 1392: beginning of choson dynasty (or yi dynasty) The year that a new dynasty, known as the choson dynasty, was founded. From 1392 up to 1910, korea became colonized by japan end of choson. North korea of their own; some north koreans believed chuche started in 1930s: 1953: death of joseph stalin, 1953: beginning of chullma movement integrated north korean christian. Federation www. notesolution. com: 1959: disband christian federation (cf. North korea was called taechusung (distinct from chinese monks, etc). Roman catholic cathedral known as changchung cathedral; arirang: 1989: chilgol church (protestant church) chilgol is the name of a place in north. 100th year of chuche: 1998: they disregarded the title of president which means that in north korea, the head of state is not president; kim jong il is titled as chairman of the national. Koreans will worship two figures (kim il sung and kim jong il); the north korean society (patrimonial society) father-son society.

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