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Lecture 3

EAS100Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Judith Butler, Performativity

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East Asian Studies
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Dylan Clark

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Lecture 3 9/28/2012 1:14:00 PM
Performativity (Judith Butler)
All of us putting on a gendered show
Acting hetero/homosexual in any given cultural context
Learn gender’s rolesperform “correctly”
No gender essenceact like there is (we’re all in drag)
“Same Bed, Different Dreams” by Bao
pg 496 conclusion
Constructed meanings of “Chinese” and “Thai” are sexualized, gendered,
quoting Foucault (pg. 479)
“the body…historically + culturally specific nexus of shifting power relations
where power relations accumulate & differences are inscribed
gender as historical construct acts/ performs
“nei” & “wai”—homologies (ideas prove each other)
always negotiable
one homology changesothers homology change
way of thinking
wife’s particular class-based personhood performed in this space
(“nei”)husband violated her space/ class/ Chinese-ness by having sex with
their maid in her bed
ethnicity passed through gender
father Thai, mother Chinese child Thai
create ethnic explanation to differences
Chinese men better than Thai men (sleep around classier)
Gender not fixed performed continuously differently depending on different
Contingent, relationship, performative
Not fixed in body/ nature/ essential
Way to think through & act through
Create distinctions & give them values
Chinese / female
Male/ female
Middle-class/ lower-class
Knowledge metaphorical
Know 1 thing in terms of another
Father as “captain” of family
Power relational & performative (eg. Gun, Mercedes)
Not fixed
Constantly performed like gender
Eg. Men use sex to perform power
Aboveness of power is illusionary
parallel: power & gender
power is dynamic & relational
gender is dynamic & relational
what differences do we pay attention to?
Rank, identify, maintain these differences
How are these boundaries performed? Changing? Measured?
change our gender to suit the situation
fluid subjects maneuver w/in these knowledge
contingent identity
“fixity” is changing
adapting & changing ethnicity to suit political purposes
changing performances change who you are/ fluid essence
gender & ethnicity always performed
Body as a text
Gendered truths through experiences
“writing” w/ the bodyperforming gender
Emotions reify knowledge & truth about gender
Class/ gender/ ethnically/ historically-specificemotions trained
Ha, pg 443-4
Instead of 1 master-storykeep contradictionsundo Western hegemonies
by allowing them to remain
Once de-center knowledge (no right answer) many right answers
awkward phase
Acknowledge knowledge is relational
Ha’s dilemma
Keep contradictions awake
“Shinjuku Boys” documentary

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