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Lecture 12

EAS103H1 Lecture 12: Barbarians and Business

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East Asian Studies
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Linda Rui Feng

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EAS103 – Nov 27 • Submit twice: once blackboard, and turnitin • Highlight/bold all changes in revision: at top of page, write one paragraph about what changes you o Before name, etc., write a paragraph of how you’ve improved your essay this time o And highlight and bold what you’ve done • Review: two sections, list of terms that is paired up o Define each of the terms, and talk about the connection between them o List of 5 essay topics from which 2 will be chosen for the finals o Answer both essay questions • Check email for course ID and Password for turnitin • Last Week: Cities • Edo’s transformation • History of Beijing as successive capitals [built and rebuilt over number of centuries] • Where networks (people, knowledge, commerce, power) converge “Barbarians” and Business • Western presence – Western influence, European presence in East Asia where we start to see roots or commerce • Large trade network
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