EAS103H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Geography And Cartography In Medieval Islam, Gangnido, Ma Huan

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31 Aug 2017

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No evidence of trade with Rome
Extensive trade with China and Southeast Asia
Coins came from China
China possibly got coins from Muslim traders
Coin shows soldier holding spear-> Constatine the Great
Objects travelled
Ancient Roman coins found, buried in 12th century castle in Okinawa
Objects, people, and ideas travelled
How mapmakers understood their place in the world?
How knowledge was transferred from one region to another
What does the Kangnido map tell us about:
Want does Ma Huan's writing tell us about Ming China's relationship with other parts of
the world?
Questions this week
Invoked Mandate of Heaven
Founder= King Taejo
New Joseon capital of Hanyang (Seoul)
Support Confucianism
Chinese names of Greek constellations
Way of organizing information
Celestial map carved into marble in the royal palace
Map on silk-> overtime becomes yellow
Cartography- science and practice of making maps
Original didn't survive
2m tall
3 copies
Earliest surviving East Asian world map
First cartographic representation of Joseon Korea
Earliest Asian map to show Europe
China in the centre
Korea not centered but very large
Counties, naval bases labeled
A lot of detail
Japan=smaller, position rotated
Africa has hole in it=> either lake or desert
Locations in Africa and Europe has arabic names- influence of Islamic
No one starts map from absolute scratch
If there is a preexisting map, mapmaker will try to follow it
Shows interactions Joseon Korea had with other mapmakers
Map of Integrated Regions and Terrains and of Historical Countries and
Map= primary text- has both text and image
Easier to copy book than map
Trained to see the world a certain way
Terrestrial map
Commisioned 2 maps
Joseon Korea (1392-1910)- A new regime
"The world is very wide. We do not know how many tens of millions of li there are from
Preface to Kangnido
Lecture 7- Mapping and Travelling
November 15, 2016
10:21 AM
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