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Lecture Note for November 30, 2010

East Asian Studies
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Eric Cazdyn

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EAS209 2010-11-30
Î A Woman Writer, Toshiko Tamura
o Body
Î Lu Xun, Diary of Mad Man
o Cannibalism
Î Film: 301/302
o Body and cannibalism
- Exam t next week
o Kawashima t recommended (not included)
o Blue books
o Start at 7:10
o &}µ}vZ}ou}(^µi]À]Ç_
o From the essay on ~
o Can incorporate readings from the whole course
o Somewhat similar to essay question
Make connections between texts
o Four questions Æ choose one essay
o Could be shown a film Æ obvious connections to the question
Compare some of the issues in the clip Æ bring together at least 4 texts on
o }v[v}uu}]ÌµZ}-title of essays
- Problem of body Æ Z}ÁZ}Ço}Zu]vU[ZZ]vl]vPµi
o What is the inside and the outside of a subject
o ,}Á}}v[Z}µPZ]v(oµv}v[}Ç
- Tetsuo
o Binds with body-metal
- Film 301, 302
o 2 Korean women living in Seoul, 1995
One t a writer
The other t a cook
x v[}]vP
x Hyper-sensitive relationship to her own body and sexuality
o Body figure t central
¾ The Woman Writer
o Written by a female writer
A bit of overlapping
o &}u]v:vo]µUZ^/_}v]À
In which the author and the character gets confused
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o Organized around a single, elegant, radical problem
A woman who cannot write
x Á][o}l
o v[}µvÁ]Y
o traumatized
Commercialization of writing
o ,}Á}Ç}µÁ]}µÁ][o}lM
The moment you write t you betray the problem
x dZu}uvÇ}µ[v}o}vPµPPo]vPÁ]ZÁ][o}l
Writing on the trouble of writing a sentence Æ no longer blocked Æ a paradox
x z}Z][,]}Z]u(]ou- Impossible to represent the war itself
o Body
The woman writer has a ritual
x Every day, she puts on a powder (a make-up)
o Then she can produce and think
x Make-up
o Feminine
o Touching the body
o A mask? A cover-up?
A cover-up can be truer
x Like bonsai
o Artificial, but more natural than natural
x Like haiku
o Formalities Æ pure form of language
o Bringing out something that[s true?
x Questioning what her real self is
Talk to a friend who just got married Æ a progressive feminist
x Taisho period t feminism emerges in Japan
x She says ^I is I_ Æ by not living with her husband (her grand theory to
maintain her subjectivity)
x The woman writer is critical of her friend, thinking she[s nve of sexual
desires (disowning her own body)
Last sentence t the tense changes (from a 3rd perspective to Y)
x She[s still frustrated by the writer[s block
x ^The next day the writer Y. occasionally the windY she was reminded of
a friendY she then remembered an actress of whom she was very
fondY her hands had looked so cold and redYYY._
x In Italics Æ I wanted to hold her hands in mine and warm them with my
o We don[t know who ÆoÇZ]ZI[ isY
o Body t in a lesbian desire???
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