EAS349H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: New Culture Movement, Guo Moruo, Class Discrimination

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9 Feb 2016
Lecture 4 National Music
Theme about national Music. Xiao you mei,
nationalist, to create the national music.
1. Introduce Li JinHui
Li Jinhui (1891-1967), was a composer and song-writer in China.
“The Father of Chinese pop music”, his songs were quite popular.
People critic his songs as “Yellow Music”. What national music can
be. What do you mean by national language? Like, people have
different dialect, the pronunciation are different. Doubleness of yellow
2. Introduce Nie Er
Nie Er (1912-1935), his nickname 聂聂, means four ears.
He was Li Jinhui’s student and employee of Bright Moon
Song Dance Troupe, but he was not happy to work with
his boss Li Jinhui, and he published some papers to
criticize his boss, and eventually broke with the Bright
Moon Song Dance Troupe.
L isten the music by Li Jinhui, performer: Li
Minghui(daughter of Li)Drizzle 聂聂聂.
Listen Nie Er s Song: 聂聂聂聂聂聂. Later became China’s
National Anthem. But back then, its not PRC’s national
anthem, it’s from a movie. 1960s.
Those two songs its opposite, Nie Er learnt the
composition, skills in Bright Moon Dance Troupe under Li
jinhui’s direction. These two people are connected.
Argument: Yellow music is not that “yellow”, and red is
not that “red”.
Music as Technology, Gramophone as Technology
National Music VS. Yellow music
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