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Lecture 1

EAS396H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: One-Child Policy, Current Science

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East Asian Studies
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Wen- Ching Sung

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EAS396: Lecture 1
Science and Technology in modern China is also a rising field
Two common questions
o Needham question
o Ethnical question for current science in China
Science and Technology is powerful in life-making and nation-making in China and other
One child policy: is it only political or is there statistic/science in it?
Many Chinese policies like one child policy has scientific reasoning to back up the policy
it’s the state that deides o the poliy akers
o ae to a olusio that there’s 50 ethiities i Chia
Science and Technology is a way that China connects with the world
Modern vs. tradition
o e ted to thik there’s a dualist distitio etween them
o Bruo Latour’s ook: We hae eer ee oder
tries to articulate the distinction of modernity is reality is more complex than we
can imagine
o Science, technology and medicine science as truth and ideology
science is not always truth
sciene is ideology eause e a say there’s a differee etee e ad
women and this kind of difference in gender are influence by our cultural
understand and presumption of culture
What does S&T ea for Chia’s oderizatio?
What does globalization in S&T mean and how does China develop?
o Global assemblage
o instead of seeing things in China as a local phenomenon, we see it as a global sandwich
Global vs. Local
o Global abstraction
Assemblage is a product of multiple determinations that are not reducible to a
single logic
Global assemblage suggests inherent tensions
Global implies encompassing
o Local specification
Film: When China met Africa: China and Africa, how China financial support and technology with
help with Aids and development in Africa
Chia’s arious roles i gloal siee ad tehology
o export experts, technologies, special economic zones
o Market: solar panels, electrical vehicles etc.
o manufacturer
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