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Lecture 3

EAS396H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Laminaria, Mccarthyism, Ludwik Fleck

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East Asian Studies
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Wen- Ching Sung

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EAS396 Lecture 3
Review: Chinese Medicine and Modernity
Empirical cases of scientizing Chinese medicine
the reatio of Traditioal Chiese Mediie TCM i 9s
Only one representation of the body is truthful
Crossing the Great Divide: tradition vs. modern, East vs. West etc.
o non-science and science
What is science?
o Efficacy is not science
o Chinese medicine: personalized medicine or anecdotes?
o Evidence-based medicine: Evidence is constructed by randomized double-blind clinical
o invisibility vs. visibility
Chinese medicine would be invisible
Multiple realities of the body: concepts, sensibility, embodied experiences
o incommensurability:
a term in philosophy of science
o oo easure of to theories
e.g., there are two scientific theories in front of us but there are no two
theories in front of us
we cannot find a acupuncture point in theory or vitality in bio-medicine
discussed by Ludwik Fleck in the 1930s, and popularized by Thomas Kuhn in the
This Week: Saving China via Science: State and Scientists
Tsien hsue-shen
Similarity: they have to put the state priority as their career priority
The differences highlight the complicated relation between state and scientists
o State as powerful patronage
o scientists are critical resources to advance knowledge and technology
o tensions between political regimes and values
Betee 99 ad 97s, Chiese siee deeloped at the iterplay etee Mao’s regie
and Cold War
use a transnational perspective to understand the development of S&T in China
Tensions between political regimes and values embedded in science
explain the rise of red engineers in post-Mao era
State & Scientists
Chinese/American scientists in Cold War
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