Lect 11

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13 Jan 2011

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Class 3—Canadian Economic History
First half (Lect 3 Recording011):
Second half of class (Recording):
There was a heavy battle between the French and English and many were killed. Among the French
Hound , among the English General Wolf.
The English won the battle, which means they were going to take over the colony.
Historical events fester. The French feel that they were defeated people and we dont like that and we want
to restore our own character our own situation.
This movement for independent in Quebec is harping back to 1759 when they lost the battle. So that
strange paradox about Quebec is that almost whatever they ask for, we give, and we have given. They
wanted to control their own economy, resources, their own health system, pension plan, we said ok. What
did the French want to do? They wanted to go to the flag pole and raise their own flag. The English say,
well give you anything you want but dont raise your own flag.
Canada finally agreed that if there is a fair and honest election and the population of Quebec votes to be
independent, then they can separate, however the vote went towards a no.
Point The single driving element, is a psychological oneits to restore pride, to get over the
humiliation of being a pit of evil and…
Historical EventsThis is a Battle of the Plains of Abraham of 1759, its a turn in a different future in
such a case.
2nd Major Dilemma: The English wont go away, the French wont go away and their feelings of restoring
their pride wont go away and we live with it as we do with all those things.
There is a lot to be said about Quebec, its economy and the historical events
That is the second amendment, we always face it,
3rd Major Challenge or Dilemma: Is how do you live with a country 10 times your size? And what are
the kinds of problems that may arise in such a case? (Best article to read is Defensive expansionism
found in approaches book)
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