Schumpeter Pt.2

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3 Aug 2010
November 10th 2009
- 1948 t 65 years old
- 1946 t Keynes died
- Most famous economist ever
- Capitalism vs. socialism
- End of capital
- ^(]uv}vP}µvZ]µuo]vPvZZ](_
- ^ou}ooµ]v(]oµZÇ(]o}]vv}À_
- Innovation is more than just making money (power to conquer and power to survive)
- 1983 t Forbes proclaimed it was Schumpeter not Keynes that provided the best insight on
economic growth and change
- Late 20th vµÇ^Zµu[Á}l}vµ]vPÇUand creative destruction, received
- It is impossible to agree/disagree with all the things Schumpeter said cause he often
contradicted himself
- Young Schumpeter vs. old schumpeter
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