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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jennifer Carpenter

Balsam fir- by Shi, Xia What is it also referred as?  Canada Balsam, White fur, Sapin blanc What are some characteristics of balsam fir?  The top portion of the conifer is shiny and the bottom is silvery. Balsam fir is a small to mid-sized evergreen conifer. They are upright trees, which mean they stand still. Their height is about 15- 23m in height and can live up to a maximum age of 200 years. It is also a provincial tree of New Brunswick. According to history, balsam fir has survived the ice age, which is fairly significant. What is the taxonomy of this conifer?  Kingdom  Plantae (plants)  Division  Coniferophyta (Conifer)  Class  Pinopsida  Order  Pinales  Family  Pinaceae  Genus  Abies What is their needle structure?  The needles are flat with dark green colour and it is about 2-3cm long (1in). How does the cone look like?  There is a thin, closely overlapping fan-shaped scale ne
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