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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jennifer Carpenter

EEB214H Context rather than memory, don't need the date or name "Starling Flocking YouTube Video" Lecture 6 Darwin noticed patterns that is hard to explain across continents Columbus...etc He notice that difference between animals found on the Atlantic end of island and pacific side of the island. They produce different numbers of species. Lots of different continents have different environments All mammals- what do they have that is different? Placental mammals- one penis and vagina, whereas marsupials have double vagina and penis Kangaroo- baby stay safe in mother's pouch How did marsupials and placental mammals end up in the place? How marsupials got to Australia? Refer to: Why do they look so much alike placentals? Glossopteris- heavy seeds, old tree Continental islands were once connected to lands, whereas oceanic islands were never connected to the main lands, formed after volcanic Can never find amphibians in oceanic islands-- cant surv
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