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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

January 8, 2014 Professor Mart Gross.. [email protected] TA’s: [email protected] [email protected] (Macleans guide to 2014 jobs) Part1 of the course is classical biology Part 2 is new conservation biology No multiple questions in the exam. What are the objectives, what they do, and what are the suggestions. Zebra shows a grassland—perhaps all the greasslands all over; a true rhon.. – je is the front piece.. themes, objectives, 3—look at the world map, the rate of increase of the planet. More people alive today then what our entire species have had in the entire population. – much of the biomass of the animals would be in humans. The objectives would be there in the begingi… what do they achieve.. what is their strategy, how do they diplay it.. the clearly display it. What is the inspirational income— 5 specfic questions. Objectives: there is a huge competition in ROM a lot of politics involved.Alot of material is underground which does not make it to the top shelf… a very little space for the ROM.--- are they teaching the most important objective of 2)
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