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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
James Eckenwalder

Lecture 2Goal of taxonomy to provide best classification that can be providedis it necessary to find a good classification system Not in everyday life but its essential in science because science is a study of these thingsits also practical in terms of conservation need to know species to know where it stands in worldalso practical in the sense that its used when looking for specific resources raw materials compounds for medicine etc Search speciesgeniusfamilyetc higher to hierarchythrough this can find closest species to one anotherhence a practical practice of taxonomy of course theres a question of what the most efficient and correct way to do so speak about it next lecturelater onspecies is really the only taxonomic category thats important because species are groupings of interacting relationshiprelations that matter outside of own species is species outside of their own species and within their ecological environmentcommunitytaxonomic classification is much less important with reference to species not relatedbut every
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