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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
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James Eckenwalder

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Lecture 3sequence of speciation events are one form that provides information Cladistic sequence of speciation events that derive information of species Chronistic information on time distribution divergence Patristic information of characteristics of distribution stateson phylogram hand out last class it basically just shows binary distributionin virtually every case these phylogram diagrams are hypothetical truths uncertain not 100 proven but estimated diagrams There are three approaches of diagramsEvolutionarymost commonly used and accepted and the first to be looked at o Evolutionary School takes into account the chronistic information and patristic information directlyPatristic information specifically when there area lot of characteristics that differ from members of its groupPheneticwe dont know this phylogeny nor can we ever know it o its basically all guessing but we do know about the distribution of characteristic traits of plants around us ie the patristic information and this is the only t
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