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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
James Eckenwalder

Pure phylogenetic taxonomitrists dont use rank giving end points of clay For vast majority of taxonimitrists ranks are usedThere are established norms on ranks used Every Species is divided into a genus then family then order then class then divisionThe division in plants is equivalent to the phylum in zoological codeknow handout for first term testeverything above Genus top half but still know how to identify Genuson test might ask to generate a name for a flower but also to identify its rank based on the name givenexample for SalixGenusSalicFamilyaceae o so far SalicaceaeOrderSalicalesMalpiphialesClassSalicopsidaMagnoliopsida OR SpermatopsidaDivisionSalicophytaChlorophytaGreen is the name actually used for the plantMonophyletic group include common ancestor of any two taxa in it and all descendents of most recent common ancestorGenerally formed by synapomophiesBefore this section used to also i
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