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University of Toronto St. George
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
James Eckenwalder

Lecture 11Notes on nomenclatureREAD THISCode of Nomenclaturecode is known as ICBN but summer 2011 at the IBC XVIII Melbourne the name has been changed to ICNAFPHistory of the Codegoes back to 1736 even before species plantarum o the rules go back to Linnaeus Fundamenta Botanicaultimately became the rulesthird codification of the rules came in 1813 with Augustin DeCandolle who wrote the Theorie elementaire de la botaniquewhich had real set of codes of nomenclatureIn 1867 at the International Botanica Congress the rules actually got a global recognition o This was the place were it was stated that nomenclature would go back to the works of Linnaeus o It laid out valid publication and something else missed itParis First Congress called Lois de la nomenclature At the Roman Botanica Que they came up with the idea that an epithet would only have priority within the genus in which it was proposed o If you move a species under another genus under the Que rule there would be no specific epithet1890 the AAAS the American taxonomists diverged from the international known nomenclature with significant differences o For one they had the Type Principle every name has associated with it an actual type that serves as a reference for that name in the case of the species the type is actually a specimenLinnaeus never had a typeif new species came up he would just throw away the old one and replace it with the new one o Also had this idea of Page Priority If a person should chance give multiple names to the same species then page priority said that whatever came first in the work would be the name that youd adoptLinnaeus did this a lot because he just mistook the same species for different species o Also had TautonymsEx Boops boops Belone belonethese came about when someone segregated one of Linnaeus species but maintained the original name
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