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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
James Eckenwalder

Lecture 14looking at handout QA of problemsreally confusing S ask MarjanWork on nomenclature problems for Tuesday o at least problem set 1 of the popular set of the first problemslook at what answer you came up with in comparison to what was the actual answer o if you understand principles then it wont be too tricky o its important to use correct forms underline use authority etc Two part on Aspects on Classification of PlantsUnlike us and great majority of animals plants have alternation of generation where each plant is represented for a phase of its life as a haploid called the gametophyte 1n and another generation in which there are two sets of chromosomes diploids called sporophyte 2n and the life of the plant all is a cycle between these two phases o We will be looking at how plant goes from one phase to anotherthis is called embryology Gametophyte 1nHas gametangia as reproductive structures that produce gametes 1n in a process called gametogensisgametes un
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