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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
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Rowan Sage

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Lecture 6 Evolution of Vascular Tissue XylemEvolution of Vascular TissueEvolutionary TrendsNonVascular PlantsFossil Vascular PlantsStelar Configuration6 10 higher rate of water movement to tracheary elements than in parenchyma cellsvessel members o scalariform perforation plate o simple perforation platetwo general types of pits o simple pit o bordered pitGymosperm division Gnetophyta have evolved vessels o Ex Ephedra in this division o Only Gymosperm to evolve vessels is in this divisionThe other divisions are now extinct 4 R rate at which water moves through cell hydrolic conductance is related to 4radius by rIn simple pits the pull of water can move an air bubble into the adjacent cellmay inactivate many cells o Harder to pull through with bordered pits even some unique innovations that prevent air bubble movement NonVascular PlantsAnthocer
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