EEB340 - Lecture 5

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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Rowan Sage

Lecture 5 Evolution of Vascular Tissue Xylem Evolution of Vascular TissueOrigins in TimeGrowth Formsprostrate vs uprightLigninWater conducting cellstracheary element in xylem protonema filamentous or thalloid in structure o singlecell layer in thickness o develops from a spore o no parenchymatous growth at firstlignin is very similar to cutin and sporopollenin o resistant to decay microbes o absorbs UV light o resistant to water losswater cannot move through a wall that contains lignin because so hydrophobicminimal interaction between lignin in water conducting cells and the water good feature o provide structural rigidity o resistant to impact o resitant to bendingcentral core of cells are also water conducting cells o we dont know if support or water conduction was the first function evolutionarilysuggested that water conduction was secondary to supportwater must move through pits to move from tracheid to tracheidwater moves through perforation pla
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