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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Rowan Sage

Lecture 12 Exam Reviewland masses moved to south pole in Middle Ordovicianglaciationmass extinction allowed land plant ancestors with mutations to take offtrilet sporesbasal land plants created these packets of sporescuticle and spores have compounds that prevent water loss UV damage and microbial decayfirst land plants had no stems roots or leavesevolution of parenchymatous growthproduction of cells in all directions o linked to evolution of apical cells with multiple cutting faces o advantage of large volume to surface area ratio which prevents water loss o at some point a new cell wall is laid down at an angleevenutlaly produces a shoot apical cell with multiple cutting facesshift to parenchymatous growthappearance of the preprophase band for this shiftparenchymatous growth linked to changes in cytoskeletal elements in the cellprotonema single cell layer thick not parenchymatouspreprophase band only in land plantsonly ones to have parenchymatous growth o not coopted from algal ancestorsplasmodesmata essential to communication and controlling cell
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