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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Rowan Sage

Lecture 18 Alternation of Generations Alternation of Generations GymnospermsGinkgophytaCycadophytaConiferophyta in Gymnosperms the arrival of pollen on the ovule initiates the process of cell divisionsingle epidermal cell undergoes one periclinal division o leads to primary neck cell which gives rise to 2 neck cells and a central cell o the central cell enlarges and divides into the egg nucleus and the ventral canal nucleus which degrades o reduction in number of divisionsarrival of pollen on ovule initiates this whole process of divisionGinkgo and true for all gymnospermsmale gametophyte at time of arrival at ovule is 3 or 4 celleddevelopment until now endosporiconce pollen lands on ovule shifts to exosporic developmentpollen tube grows via tip growth o exosporic male gametophyte development o prothalial cell responsible o e
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