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University of Toronto St. George

1 of 10 pages August 17 2011 ECONOMICS 100 Y20102011 Section L5101 INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMICSW GWolfson wwolfsonutorontoca 416 4871481About the Course1 This is an introductory course in basic economic principles You will learn about how the economy operates in the aggregate macroeconomics and deal with issues such as unemployment inflation and exchange ratesWe will also study the behaviour of individual economic agents and deal with concepts such as supply and demand competition and monopoly microeconomicsThe role of government is analyzed throughout2 This course is designed to expose you to the facts theories and models of the discipline of EconomicsIt is also designed to develop your analytical skills to help you to think for yourself and to learn to apply the principles and techniques of Economics to new problems and situationsTests are challenging but within the grasp of those who work hard to refine their Economics reasoning skills Grades Tests Exam3 Your final grade will be the average of your final exam mark and your term mark4 Your term is composed of 4 term tests Three of the term tests 90 minutes in duration each contribute 14 to your final grade these are scheduled for Monday November 21 Monday January 30 and Monday March 19 at 6 PMNOTE These dates are subject to change as announced in classA second test in the Fall semester will be held in the December exam period with special contents to be announcedThis test contributes 8 to your final gradeHere is the breakdown of your total gradeTest 1 T1 November 14Test 2 T2 December 8Test 3 T3 January 14Test 4 T4 March14Final Exam April50TOTAL100
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