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Lect 5

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Class 5 Canadian Economic History th October 12 2010 Maritimes means New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island. To follow the Innis approach you have to follow the 1. Ecology, is it hilly? Mountainous? Is it tropical? A lot of rainfall? It has a been effect on the economy. Begin with the natural factors. The economy gets an address. The other factors, prairies, mines, weather surprising we have managed so neatly to avoid that. 2. Look at the technology, like beaver traps and bows and arrows or mine drills and oil derricks. Technological diffusion is a slow process as it moves from one culture to another. Who have what technology? 3. Institutions. It does not mean buildings. It means peoples their patterns of behavior. What they think is important. What is taboo? Kinds of values. You want to see how the staple led to further settlement and civilization. Track ecology, technology and look at the institutions. Their were stories as early as 1300s that there were vast fisheries across the Atlantic. Some people new about it. People in northern France and the Basques in Spain had fished from the early days. They sent boats over and found rich fisheries. But they didnt tell everyone else about it because they will spoil it. So their arent any documents or proof that people came over. We know the Vikings came over the 1200s but they came to settle in Vinland. But they never proved where it was but we believe it was in northern Newfoundland and we have found evidence o
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