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Lect 6

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Class 6 Cthadian Economic History October 19 2010 The Americans have a rich history of story themselves. The first coming, the blue bloods or puritans were the aristocrats. The Erie canal was a big story. Washington with framers against the British army was a big story. Abe Lincoln, story of the civil war, freeing the slaves. The Erie Canal, one of the builders had his head blown off. Each narrative puts a shining light on who we are. The pursuit of life liberty ant the idealization of cowboys depicted in movies. Cowboys are part of their literary legacy. In Canada we are more modest. Two main narratives. First is the early fur trade who came mostly British with the early fur trade explored Canada and met natives. Showing them mirrors, guns and iron pots. There were 250,000 natives in Canada when the Europeans first arrived. The natives really liked iron pots. Different kinds of clothes were also brought that female natives also liked. Natives used furs as blankets, part of tents The natives did trade often when they met politically. The Huron Indians had known agriculture and traded corn. Other Indians traded jackets and so forth. How the trade operated is the main part of the fur trade story. For many decades the fur trade was a romantic story of early life in Canada. Restless farmers from quebed would paddle into the interior with European goods would trade with the natives. They would travel were no white men had ever gone before. They would paddle into the sunset singing quebec songs. The unintended effects of persuiting the fur trade where no white men had been, people didnt know what to expect. The British Crown said that the Hudsons bay had exlcusive jurisdiction over the fur trade west of the that is most of Canada and they discovered most of Canada on their journey. They would establish fur trade posts close to native travelling routes. At these small forts, they kept European goos to trade. They had over 400 trade posts in Canada. They were wooden log buildings. Many of these fur trades became important Canadian cities including Toronto. Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Victoria, Van
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